Delaware Residential Garbage and Waste Services

Signup for Residential Service

  • We provide weekly waste removal service of all your household trash on the designated day for your neighborhood.
  • We will provide you with a 96 gallon wheeled container with an attached lid.
  • The container will hold six to seven 40 gallon garbage bags and has a weight capacity of 280lbs. We will also accept four additional 13-gallon bags of trash on the side. If you do not have the additional bags we will dispose of one bulk item each week, for example: wrapped mattress in plastic, chair, water heater, couch, table, grill, bicycle, or vacuum. However, we ask that you schedule your bulk in advance by texting us at 302-635-7055.
  • Please place recyclables loose in the can however, we do ask that you bag all of your trash.┬áBy bagging your trash, you’re helping to protect your property and keep our employees safe.
  • Please have your trash curbside the night before to avoid missing your collection. Thank you.

If your trash, recycling or yard waste was missed please notify the office so that we can further assist you.